在传统的文化环境与现代意识流派的对撞与融合,赋予了设计师独特的审美视角,并凝结成其特有的风格,做每一件的“不同”成为了品牌偏执与不断学习与探索的课题。艺术源于生活,也在改变生活,品牌源自生活,它是音乐、艺术、建筑乃至生活细节中的元素所触发的灵感体现。THE ALSW所代表的不是流行时尚,也不是大众潮流,对于我们 ,服装等同一个人外在与内在最自然的表达方式,它述说了性格 ,情绪与内涵。

The fusion of traditional culture and modern ideology has endowed our designers with a unique aesthetic perspective, bringing about our unique style. We are constantly exploring to make each apparel a one of a kind piece. Art stems from life; art changes life. Brand comes from life. Our brand is the inspiration from the essence of life such as music, art, architecture and life elements. THE ALSW is neither contemporary nor mainstream. Our brand is a symbol of one's outermost and innermost expression. It symbolises personality, emotion and depth.