乜也,由一群裁衣匠创立,意图在东方兼收并蓄的文化集合之上,坚持以本土的视角、独立之精神,诠释真正的东方意象,创造性还原专属青年一代的本土服装记忆。核心系列“乜也”,念作“miē yé”,源自孩童天真无畏的发问,折射出中国九零年代特有的好奇精神。用色大胆,新式复古,“乜也”既是当年旧剪影,亦为未来开风气。

MIE YE is established by two designers born by the turn of 1990s, who dreamed of rebuilding the oriental fashion image with an independent, native perspective deeply rooted in the eclectic eastern culture. It all starts with a recall to their youth memories. That nostalgia was later transformed into an inventive fashion experiment.The iconic series of DONGJI, the “MIE YE”, pronounced as “Mae-Yeah”, represents our blessed, fearless curiosity. It is also a refraction of the unique Chinese Zeitgeist of the 90s. “MIE YE” presents a retro 90s fashions filled with bold colors and classic elements, and always comes with a keen eye for the future.