de Gencens

de =the Gencens=Gentlewoman+sense

de Gencens 就是气场强大,柔中带刚,热爱时尚,关注自我,追求风格的都市独立女性的代名词。当代中国正聚集着越来越多寻求经济独立、积极自信的都市女性,她们掌握着社会的财富与话语权,在职场中发挥着不亚于男性的作用与力量,她们往往有着开阔的眼界,正确的价值观人生观,独立、果敢,同时也不失女性独有的温柔与精致。de Gencens正是依托于这样一群散发别样光彩的都市精英女性,代表一种从容的生活形态与自由的穿着方式,设计简约而优雅,融合现代与经典,专注于当代Gentle Women的时尚诉求,致力于为其提供经典、精致而实用的多种穿衣解决方案。

About de Gencens

de =the Gencens=Gentlewoman+sense

de Gencens refers to those independent modern ladies, who have strong sense of personal identity and clearly know who they are and what they want. In modern China, there are more and more self-sufficient and self-confident female professionals. They are playing a great role both in economy and society in modern times, which empowers them to have a wide horizon and positive view of life. Deeply inside intelligent, independent and brave, the Gentle Women never lose their female charm, grace and tenderness. Based on the target audience, namely the gorgeous Gentle Women, de Gencens symbolizes a contemporary way of fashion, featured by artistic design, concise silhouette and sophisticated cutting. It’s exclusively set for their daily wardrobe and all kinds of dress codes.