龚琳毕业于米兰理工大学和香港理工大学,服装与面料创新设计领域哲学博士学位,2016年创立同名品牌Lynn Gong。她善于运用自己对纤维和纱线的独特感知,加以艺术转化和创新工艺来完成从面料创造开始的服装设计。 “你的本质,既是特质”-------她认为女性形象应该出于自我感受,而不是取悦他人,并希望通过纯粹、简洁、内在安静且多元化的设计手法,在Lynn Gong品牌中传达这一理念,重新定义人们对女性穿衣的理解。Lynn Gong拒绝一切对“表我”的他人诠释,始终关注于“本我'的内心表达,将无标签、无定义、无认同贯穿于整个品牌生命中。Lynn Gong以“本我”的真实形态发声,以矩形作为品牌基本元素,安静直白,直面内心所在。


Gong Lin got her Ph.D awarded in the field of fashion and textile design technology. She studied MA in fashion and textile design at Politecnico di Milano and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. And she founded womenswear brand Lynn Gong in 2016. Based on her attainment in new fashion materials and techniques development, she expresses her concept and aesthetics from textile design to fashion design. Gong believes that figure of women should be presented by deeply concerning within themselves instead of pleasing. “Your Nature, Your Particularity” - the slogan of Lynn Gong - describes Gong’s understanding of women. She would like to redefine womenswear in a pithy and inner-peaceful style from the image of Lynn Gong. Focusing on the expression of inner self, Lynn Gong takes “no tag, no definition, and no identity” and employs rectangle as the basic design element over through the life of the brand.