"以‘Enhance Your Edge(unlimited degree of freedom)’为格言,以 100% hand-made in Korea, high-end contemporary total fashion item为追求的 A.Bell集个性化与独特于一身,服装饰品设计品牌创立以来“从概念设计到生产全过程中多种制约中寻求自由,克服种种限制”的哲学体现的淋漓尽致。自2013年11月增加包类产线,2014年12月增加服装产线,2016年6月增加鞋类产线等 total fashion designer brand 截至2017年8月连续3次参加SFW GN runway 呕心沥血打造传承的珍藏品。

“A.Bell’s design means unlimited degree of freedom from the pre-dominant various constraints in the fashion industry, and in pursuit of highend contemporary total fashion"A.Bell, having started as a fashion Accs designer brand, is expanding its domain to bags, clothes, and even  shoes, definitely in pursuit of non-hesitation in choosing material in the designing steps and pioneering manufacturing ways.