One skirt

One skirt 由深圳纶希时装有限公司于2016年创立,品牌定位服务于25-35岁有独立审美以及经济能力的年轻女性。品牌创始人认为设计其实是对精神以及物质世界的释放,好的设计是可以被大众所感知与接纳的,感之所同感。

One skirt is a contemporary fashion brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its designer, Lawrence wang. It's established in 2016. "One girl, one skirt, without compromise in quality and style" is the core of one skirt's value. This collection combines lasting quality with timeless design. Classical, contemporary, sophisticated, sensual, perfect for bringing together all the idiosyncrasies of the Lawrence lifestyle. One skirt is not only to indicate elegance, but also to define your best moments. "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".