Karma of Charme

意大利东部沿海小城奇维塔诺瓦以盛产手工皮鞋而出名, 很多意大利有名的鞋履品牌都来自这里。Karma of Charme 就来自这里,它由十几年前一个家庭制鞋小作坊起家,现在已成长为闻明欧洲时尚品牌。在过去的十年里奇维塔诺瓦大部分的鞋履品牌将他们的生产转到了中国和其他亚洲国家,大批的意大利手工艺人失业。 Karma of Charme 给予了他们新的工作机会,并受益于这些手工艺人丰富的经验,卓越的技艺和对这份工作的热爱。

The brand has a charming history. Karma of Charme started as a small family company and is now rapidly growing to become a world famous brand! Civitanova is a small coastal town in the Italian region, Le Marche. Many important shoe brands call this their hometown. Over the past decades these brands have transferred their production to China or other Asian countries and many Italian craftsmen have lost their job. Karma of Charme has offered these craftsmen new jobs and benefit from their longstanding experience, skills and know how.