Since Now

Since Now是广州十年鞋业有限公司旗下的第一个轻奢品牌,品牌致力于原创设计,植于本土化优势和国际化视野。Since Now一直以打造国内一线潮牌为目标,通过鞋类设计表达出现在年轻人在乐活的世界里玩出自我格调制造话题,永远对主流市场保持质疑和追求自己答案的潮态度。

Since Now is the first Luxury popular logo ofguangzhou TEN YEARS LTD.

The brand is founded on original design,. Native advantages and in ternational vision. SINCE NOW we have been aiming to build the domestic front of popular logo. through the design of shoes . the modern young people can play their own style in the world of music create a topic, always question the mainstream market and pursue their own answrs.