Obtuse triangle

obtuse triangle 成立于2016年9月,形式主义的服饰在这里已渐行渐远,我们模糊了性别,潜心研究服装与身体的关系。我们散漫地做着少数人眼睛去往的方向,利用面料自身建设出一个躯体所需的楼房,利用这个世界上最直接的表达,在廓形和图形中进行解读。

Obtuse triangle was founded in September 2016. Here, the formalistic dress has gradually gone far. We have blurred the gender, with great concentration on the relationship between clothing and body. We discursively engage in the fields few people pay attention to, use the fabric to build a building necessary for the body, and make use of the most direct expression in the world to make interpretation in the profile and graphics.