Shi Jie & JaniQue

Shi Jie & JaniQue 品牌诞生于2010年巴黎时装周 "中国当代创意展"。品牌以东方艺术的独有精髓:水墨与书法艺术作为核心风格来源。以东方美学精神做为指导,在信仰与方法论上做刚柔并济的糅合,用灵动飘逸的美感,在形象上具象的体现。这是 "Shi Jie & JaniQue" 品牌的设计原发点。

"Shi Jie & JaniQue" were born in the "Chinese Contemporary Creative Show" during Paris Fashion Week in 2010. The inspiration of the Brand comes from the Unique Essence of the oriental arts:  Calligraphy and Chinese ink panting. Follow the spirits of oriental aesthetics, combine belief with methodology, concretize those abstract image, show beauties in a intelligential way. This is the original design of “Shi Jie&JaniQue”.