Maison Mai

MAISON MAI 追求为顾客带来不张扬不浮夸,线条中寻找乐趣,细节中发现惊喜的穿着体验。几年来国际高端品牌研发的工作经验让Mia LI能够准确掌控和分辨产品的价值点,力求将原创设计和高质量价值最大化的体现在每一道缝纫、每一寸面料上。

MAISON MAI aims at giving customers an interesting and comfortable wearing experience   in an undertone. The design happens in patterns, in configuration and in every sewing step. The working experience in design brands gave Mia Li the ability to create and control the valuable point of products: showing the original design and high quality in every inch of garments.