Liang Xue 2017春夏系列的灵感来自街头涂鸦艺术家Bansky一句名言:“Art Should Comfort the Disturbed and Disturb the Comfortable.”(艺术应当安抚混乱,并搅乱舒适)。Liang Xue这一艺术化的系列,正是对日益趋同的高级流行时装的一种“涂鸦行为”。延续Liang Xue标志性的复古元素,这一季她大量采用了条纹图形,并用装饰性的褶裥饰边,来营造对立冲突。丝滑的面料又与拙扑的面料,巧妙地被拼贴在一起,用闺中密趣来消解严肃的形象。这是一个充满挑战性的系列,在一组一组看似充满紧张对立元素的设计中,塑造出全新的街头青年反叛形象。

The 2017 Spring & Summer collection has been inspired by a famous remark by graffiti artist Bansky: "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." This artistic collection from Liang Xue seems a "graffiti" on the increasingly indistinguishable high fashion. Building on Liang Xue's iconic retro elements, this season features extensive use of fringe patterns and decorative ruffles to create conflicting aesthetics. Silky and plain fabrics are cleverly stitched together to lighten up the serious image with girls’ ingenuity. Resorting to conflicting, fully-charged design elements to depict a new-type rebellious street youth, this collection is designed to challenge the convention.