MÜNN 的品牌定位可总结为“不落窠臼的奢华”。 品牌受源自60年代的高级定制精神启示,坚持不懈地钻研使用新的廓形、材料、不落俗套的设计细节和图样,并重拾60年代时装的内部结构,使之发扬光大。

The creative director of MÜNN, Hyun-min Han graduated from the Samsung art & Design Institute(SADI) and gained invaluable experience at WOOYOUNGMI and LEIGH.Hyun-min Han launched MÜNN with a goal of minimalism and emotional honesty in 2013. MÜNN is inspired by the 60’s made-to-order high quality ethic and are diligently researching the use of new silhouettes, materials, unfamiliar details and patterns, as well as reinforcing the inner construction of the clothing back then.