品牌设计师Hanna Si出生于上海,就读于伦敦时装学院(London college of Fashion)学习男装设计本科专业。2012年毕业后在上海创立了自己的同名品牌Hanna Si。精通于男装设计的Hanna在女装设计风格上,更有大胆创新的意识,运用独特的设计剪裁与数码印花工艺令品牌更显其独特性。

Bold and innovative, HannaSi is adept at using unique design, cutting technique and digital printing to create its own style. The 2016AW Enchanting Jungle collection derives inspiration from the nature and living creatures, combined with the rich color palette characteristic of the designer, and adding elements such as embroidery and Scottish wool knitting. It delivers a message that in this chaotic world there is a land of nature within the depth of everyone’s heart.