quinn&shauye 黑与白,不变的主基调,擅长概括性的利落线条与几何感的造型, Quinn&Shauye擅于立裁,运用分割、层叠、拼接等手法,并以Quinn&Shauye独特的配色模块,呈现出新鲜的视觉比例。将肌理感的涂鸦印制在服装上,形成Quinn&Shauye特有的图形标志。穿着Quinn&Shauye的她们,智慧,有决策力,特立独行的作风中带点文艺气质。

Black and white have always been the unchanged main tone for fashion design. Quinn&Shauye uses conclusive neat lines and geometric shapes in three-dimensional tailoring, as well as dividing, stacking and splicing techniques, to create impressive visual proportion with Quinn&Shauye’s unique color code. Textured graffiti printed on the fabric is an iconic pattern of Quinn&Shauye. Ladies in these garments are wise, decisive and independent minded, with a slight literary touch.