Jade en plus

Jade-en-plus 诞生于上海,定位于时尚社交女装品牌,由毕业于法国高级时装公会学院的唐佳 Jade Tang 小姐在2007年创立。Jade en plus(加是)的法文涵义是“美玉与超越”,具有雌雄同体的深刻之美,是一个无视察无条规零束缚,拥有自由的国际视野和世界都市身份的设计师风格女装品牌。 

Jade en plus, as her French meaning "jade and beyond" indicates profound beauty both from male and female, is a designer brand for women dress with no inspection, no regulations and zero bindings, and with free international vision and style of the world urbanity. Meanwhile, this brand is also blending with French fashion design, seeking for innovative, stylish, independent design philosophy, and a fashion language with pure desire expression. She designs specifically for the ladies who is forward-looking vision of society and fashion vision, confident, mature, independent, experienced, and satisfies their increasing demanding in business life and social life. Jade en plus is not only promoting fashion brand, but also spreading an conception of social culture.