VACAE,成立于2014年,从创立时的发想雏形到推出首波商品,运用将近一年的时间。 品牌建立的初期包含设计团队的组成、生产线的建立、工作室的装修布置,以及布料的搜寻与生产,在这期间,VACAE总是对每一项细节抱持高标准的要求,这也是VACAE一直禀持着的品牌核心价值,希望带给每一位女性,最完美的穿衣体验。

Seeking to combine elegance into sharp and minimal classics, the brand uses intricate and quality fabric and supplemental materials to enhance the overall light-boutique image, advocating the concept of practical wear and high quality. This season, VACAE pays tribute to the flamboyance in the 1980s, taking the design to a more slender profile, ankle-long high slit garment, high collared cloak, cropped bell-bottoms, lantern sleeve, irregular pleated splicing, bare shoulders, shoulder pad, boyish oversize and tight tailoring combined with sharp contrast colors, the brand defined elegance for this era.