Number (N)ine 源自于披头士的名曲《REVOLUTION 9》中的一句引用。品牌以高级绅士服的制作工艺为基础,融合摇滚,军装等街头时尚,每一季的主题均以摇滚为题展开各种各样的挑战。

The brand name Number (N)ine is derived from Revolution 9, a song of Beatles in which “number nine” is emphasized again and again. Number (N)ine interprets musical elements to the extreme, and chooses its design theme relating to music for almost each season. Rock music is definitely the essence of Number (N)ine. Now, Number (N)ine no longer follows a specific theme in design, instead, it adopts a free and open style, distinguishing itself from other brands in the fashion world.