WANGMEILI 品牌创立于2015年,结合塑料与织品,营造出独特创新、前所未见的时尚视觉冲击。另又加入一设计专利图案,将此专利图案刺绣于皮革上,局部运用于WANGMEILI 包款中,宽广了设计的格局,展现了更丰富、优雅、洗练的时尚感。

A functional and Fashionable take on clear materials. Transform a clear and simple bag into a chic and stylish piece. Utilize a new method of stitching that combines plastic and textile materials under designer Wangmeili's invention, "Stitched-together Textile and Plastic Component," with patents approved in Taiwan,Japan,Hong Kong and China,and patents pending in South Korea, Macao,the U.S.and Europe.