Pineal Grand

创立于2013年的Pineal Grand 是一个全新的独立女性时装品牌,品牌由Pineal Grand(松果体)引发灵感而命名,松果体又名灵魂之座,而衣服服务于身体,身体附载灵魂,三者关系紧扣,这亦是品牌的创作轴心。服装,身体与品牌的完美融合,传达着品牌标志性的基因--有灵魂的时装。

The name Pineal Grand is filled with attitudes. Pineal refers to epiphysis, also known as “the third eye” which is located in the central part of human brain, and the Taoists call it “clairvoyance” while Buddhists call it “sea of knowledge”. In mysterious theories, epiphysis has an indispensable relationship with the soul. Through fashion as a media, Pineal Grand shares with the public the body-mind-spirit experience and the journey to self-discovery. Abstract crystal and mineral which stands for the field of energy, geometric shapes like circle and triangle become the prints on the fabric and even the silhouette of the clothes, light silk material clash with reflecting and stiff materials.