G ZOFF于2015年在香港创立,由中国设计师Zoff创立的同名包袋品牌,主要经营箱包、功能皮具、生活艺术等。主理人的品牌理念“探索皮革无限可能”,意在打破传统皮具边界,通过不断的创新和探索,使皮具制品延伸至不同领域,同时赋予时尚的元素,打造高品质的生活享受。

G ZOFF在法式传统工艺、德式皮革机械设备、皮革鞣制染色工艺等技术上积累了成熟的经验,并拥有国内外顶尖皮具供应链整合系统。

G ZOFF is a bag brand named after Chinese designer Zoff, founded in Hong Kong in 2015, mainly engaged in bag, functional leather goods, living art, etc.

The brand concept of "exploring the infinite possibilities of leather", intended to break the boundaries of traditional leather goods. Leather can be extended to different fields, through continuous innovation and exploration, to create high-quality, fashionable life enjoyment.  

G ZOFF has accumulated mature experience in French traditional craftsmanship, German leather machinery and equipment, leather tanning and dyeing technology and other technologies. And owns the top leather goods supply chain integration system at home and abroad.