THREE IN ALL™️创立于拥有皇城文化的北京,由主理人设计师路宽与文化主理伙伴咪娜创立,希望将过去中国传统文化的滋养内涵与智慧在当下重新启用,建立「中而新」的当代服饰体系。通过运用民间匠心与无界圆融的品牌基因,探讨中国东方美学在当代语境下的可能性。以着装为载体,传承与创新含有中国「精·气·神」风骨的当代生活理念。


THREE IN ALL ™️ Founded in Beijing with imperial city culture, it was founded by Lu Kuan, the designer in charge and Mina, the cultural managing partner. They hope to reactivate the nourishing connotation and wisdom of traditional Chinese culture in the past and establish a Neo-Chinese contemporary clothing system. By using the brand gene of folk ingenuity and boundless harmony, we wanna discusses the possibility of Chinese Oriental Aesthetics in the contemporary context. Take dress as the carrier, inherit and innovate the contemporary life concept containing China's "essence, Qi and spirit".