OF CHINESE ORIGIN旨在孵化专注于当代设计的先锋艺术创作者和新锐华人设计师,他们以珠宝、配饰、或者生活美学相关的产品为载体,创作具有艺术性和实验性的当代艺术作品。






OF CHINESE ORIGIN was born from a desire to share the beauty of contemporary Chinese design. We were bored of the stereotypes and misconceptions. We simply wanted to showcase the talent of some of the world’s newest and most underrated artisans. 


Our mission is to celebrate the creations of innovative designers with you. The ones who care for art, not the ordinary. The intriguing, not the obvious. 


Our designs might be inspired by Chinese mythology, approach traditional materials in a new way or play with motifs usually associated with Chinese culture. Sometimes they might just be beautiful. Often they’ll be experimental. But above everything else, they will always inspire you.