意大利品牌"SINCENOW" 现 授 权 于广州十年鞋业有限公司。 

广州十年鞋业有限公司成立于 2010年,致力于时尚鞋履的研发与生产,长期与国际时尚品牌合作。 

意大利"SINCENOW" 品牌主张让国际高质感潮流产品献给具有独立审美的时尚爱好者,探索以务实的定


"SINCENOW" 精准洞察世界时尚风向,锐意革新,汲取多元文化的精髓元素,与现代制鞋技术完美结合,为



Italian brand "SINCENOW" right to grant the guangzhou now 10 years shoes co., LTD.

Guangzhou ten years shoe industry limited company was founded in 2010, committed to the r&d and production of fashion shoes, long-term cooperation with the international fashion brands.

Italy "SINCENOW" brand to advocate the international trend of high quality products to have independent aesthetic fashion lovers, to explore to pragmatic

Fashionable mainstream price in China.

"SINCENOW" accurate insight into the world fashion trends, innovative, absorbing the essence of multicultural elements, and the modern shoe-making technology perfect union, for

Provide full of design feeling and fun to wear fashionable personage by experience.