英国设计师品牌RFLEXION于2017年成立。试图通过解构重塑、多元面料糅合等工艺注入古典与现代兼具、富有艺术气息的服装语言 ,塑造高知女性新画像: 精致浪漫、恣意洒脱、充满力量。

RFLEXION一词源于法语:RÉFLEXION,意为映射、反思。透过当代社会周遭和舆论场景,映射到时装上来表达。RFLEXION践行文化女性主义,推崇女性在与周遭 “对话”时的“女性力量”。


The British designer brand RFLEXION was established in 2017. Trying to express classical, modern, and artistic clothing languages through the skills of deconstruction, remodeling, and manipulation of multiple fabrics, to create a new portrait of women with exquisite romance, chill, and powerful personality.

The word RFLEXION comes from French: RÉFLEXION, which means reflection and introspection. It reflects on fashion to express the affections of contemporary social surroundings and public opinion scenes.RFLEXION believes in feminism and respects the "female power" of women "Communicate" to their surroundings.