ANNAKIKI杨子 是由杨子创立的个人设计师品牌,定位"简时髦、轻优雅,趣味性",反对随波逐流,在生活中汲取灵感,转化成有自己独特设计风格的时装系列。推崇多元主义,可以少女、亦可以轻优雅,是追求轻优雅少女心同时要求时装质感女性的首选,同时向对着装有追求的人士传达了一种时装态度。

ANNAKIKI is an individual designer brand founded by designer Yang Zi. It positions itself as “simple fashion, light elegance and amusing,” drawing inspirations from daily life and running against the common tide. Its fashion series feature unique designing style. Advocating for pluralism, Annakiki is reluctant to be a restrained conformist. Its various styles can be ranged from girl friendliness to light elegance. In terms of designing ideas, it shuns from extreme exaggeration and T stage art. It pursues the sense of individual design while pays great attention to functionality