鲜活的网络信息植入我们大脑,至少也可以用它来提起一些灵感的气泡,时不时来一个吐旧纳新的massage,创造不一样的穿衣灵感。Seriase 带来个性的日常服,放大细节的造型和剪裁,结合夸张的视觉元素,唤醒休眠的摩登感和叛逆活力,达成新时尚的女装品牌风格定义。


The implantation of fresh Internet information into our brains can at least be used to bring out some bubbles of inspiration, and give a new massage for exhaling the old and inhaling the new from time to time, thus creating different inspiration of clothing. Seriase brings personalized informal dress and shape and cutting with enlarged details. Combined with exaggerated visual elements, it wakes up the dormant modern sense and rebellious vitality, achieving the brand style definition of women's wear in new fashion.