BLOCCO 5 作为一家新关奢侈鞋履品牌,长期以来坚持原创设计,在全球寻找最具原创精神的设计师品牌合作,因为我们相信模仿难成经典, 自我方能铸就品牌。我们是一个对鞋履材质工艺有着极致追求的品牌, 一直坚持在最具匠心工艺的意大利手工坊打造产品,完美诠释“择一事,终一生”的工匠精神。极赋创意的设计,精湛的工艺让BLOCCO 5 迅速成长为炙手可热的奢侈 鞋履品牌。“Luxury shoes, lovely price”, 以超高性价比带来奢侈品牌 鞋履的穿着体验是品牌秉承的一贯理念。


As an emerging luxury footwear brand, BLOCCO 5 has long been adhering to the original design and seeking to enter into cooperation with the most original designers

and brands in the world, with the firm belief that a classic brand is solely based on original design rather than imitation. BLOCCO 5 is a brand with an ultimate pursuit of footwear material and craftsmanship, which always persists in creating its products in the most ingenious Italian handicraft workshop, thus perfectly demonstrating the craftsman spirit of “choosing one career and devoting your life”. With its creative design and exquisite craftsmanship, BLOCCO 5 has quickly grown into a popular luxury footwear brand. Just as its slogan says “Luxury shoes, lovely price”, BLOCCO 5 always adheres to the concept of the brand: to bring the wearing experience of luxury brand shoes with super-high cost performance.