BLOCCO 5成立于20115月,一直以来作为精品鞋履品牌,坚持原创设计,在全球寻找最具原创精神的设计师们合作,因为BLOCCO 5坚信模仿难成经典,坚持自我方能铸就品牌,同时也是对鞋履材质与工艺有着极致追求的品牌,一直坚持在最具匠心工艺的意大利手工坊打造产品,完美诠释“择一事,终一生”的工匠精神。B5 BY BLCCO 5 作为BLOCCO 5品牌旗下的高端线,由上海街头格与米兰级时装风格热两者完美结合之极具都市优雅感的街头潮牌系列。将此全新风格称之为“元素休闲”,这是B5 鞋款背后所蕴含的时尚理念。


Brand introduction

Founded in may2011, blockco 5 has always been a high-quality footwear brand, insisting on original design and seeking cooperation with designers with the most original spirit in the world. Because blockco 5 firmly believes that imitation is difficult to become a classic, it can only build a brand by insisting on itself. At the same time, it is also a brand with the ultimate pursuit of footwear materials and technology, and has always insisted on creating products in the Italian handicraft workshop with the most ingenious technology, It perfectly interprets the craftsman spirit of "choosing one thing and ending one's life".

B5 by blcco 5, as a high-end line under blockco 5, is a street fashion brand series with a great sense of urban elegance, which is a perfect combination of Shanghai street fashion and Milan fashion. Call this new style "element leisure", which is the fashion concept behind B5 shoes.